Red Velvet Photoshoot

We, the Naiads, are the modern nymphs.

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Our job is to entice you into our world. We transform right in front of your eyes, from welcome receptionists, to luxury caterers, to dancers and finally into synchronised swimmers, accompanying you throughout your journey with our seductive smiles and costumes.

Deep down in the dark woods, mysterious magical creatures spend their days and nights dancing playfully in the wind, listening to the sound of the trees and the flowers blossoming.

These are the nymphs, charming, seductive girls that know only how to seduce you into their world of magic, colors, flowers and sensuality. Their song will draw you in, tempted to hear more, to dive into their world and forget your own reality.

With a form that is everchanging, from girl to woman to seductress, they will take you by the hand until you are fully immersed into their joyful, exhilarating presence.

Our new, comprehensive performance will keep your guests spellbound till the last minute, making the spectators wish your event never ended. 

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