red velvet

sexy entertainment services

Experience the mesmerizing allure of an act that promises to captivate your senses. Adorned in radiant red costumes with a profusion of delicate red flowers, the performers exude an aura of sophistication and opulence.

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This captivating routine brings a playful and joyful dance mood to your special occasion. Adorned in vibrant pompom-covered costumes, the dancers burst with energy, radiating the vibrant colors of a candy wonderland.

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Red Velvet Photoshoot

We, the Naiads, are the modern nymphs. Our job is to entice you into our world. We transform right in front of your eyes, from welcome receptionists, to luxury caterers, to dancers and finally into synchronised swimmers, accompanying you throughout your journey with our seductive smiles and costumes.

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Minimal Synchro

Minimal synchro is to synchronised swimming what contemporary dance is to ballet. It is a smooth, elegant version of synchronised swimming. It’s graceful, fluid movements created by the swimmers make it ideal for an ambient synchronised swimming act.

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Mermaid’s Bathtub

It was a regular day in fairyland, when the mermaids dressed in all their finery, ruby red tails and emerald green scales and were captured diving into the milky white depths of their jungle bath.

Photographer: Stella Giakoumatou

naiads photoshoot

It was a regular day in fairyland, when the mermaids dressed in all their finery, ruby red tails and emerald green scales and were captured diving into the milky white depths of their jungle bath.

Their surreal bathroom, that feels like it came out of a young girl’s dream, was full of color, fantasy, flowers and greenery. This jungle habitat housed the luxury tub where fantastical creatures bathe and frolic like queens, without a care in the world.

The scene was set on multi-layered plastic wrap that covered the bathtub, giving it a utopic, endless sense of no boundaries. The flowers and the leave, created an atmosphere that was a cross between a mermaid world on the bottom of the ocean and Poison Ivy’s Lab.  

Naiads photoshoot for Crystal Waters @Lefkada, by Costas Spathis.

naiads luxurious artistic swimming teams for weddings and

The photo shoot for the Crystal Waters hotel on the island of Lefkada was one of the happiest moments that we spent working on projects for the Naiads. It lasted three days and each day was special in its own way.

The Crystal Waters hotel is outstanding, with large light-blue pools , state of the art facilities with an overall elegant aesthetic of simplicity and minimalism, echoing exactly Costas Spathis perspective and artistic expression. The hotel owners were kind, hospitable and generously, gave us carte blanche to innovate and create in their pools. The curved form of the pools, the total white seamless bottom, the perfectly shaped and placed sunbeds and Lefkada’s amazing sun, were the exotic canvas on when we were able to express our art..

It was our third collaboration, with Costas, but we believe it was the most significant one. We filled a pool with colorful inflatable toys of every kind and shape, fruit, leaves, ice cream, doughnuts, unicorns etz. and we used them to create beautiful art photography. But, our most powerful moment was when we tried to re-invent body forms and silhouettes.

We turned one pool completely milky white, so the only part of the body that was visible was anything above the surface. Because of the lack of transparency, the rest of the body under the surface felt like it had sunk into a white abyss. As the bodies moved, the silhouette formed and reformed new shapes. The multiplication of those shapes made thousands of breathtaking, beautiful possibilities of new forms.

Repetition, fluid forms and the innovating synthesis of sun-kissed brown bodies gave us a spectacular result.

Our work there got worldwide recognition. Some of the photographs went viral and were reposted by leader in contemporary art field.

Without realizing at the moment, the first step towards what we call “minimal synchro” had been taken.