bubble ball

A fairytale… An illusion… Girls walk, dance and lay on the water’s surface. Inside the ball can be placed flower petals, confetti, foam and various others elements depending on the event you are planning.

dancing wings

They are an insert element in each performance and can be added to all choreographies during the entry part.


Fireworks can compliment all our dance routines, adding extra sparkle and excitement to your event. Placed either on the water surface or on the ground , they boldly enhance the spectacle.


True modern nymphs, with an astonishing apparel, walk, dance, swim, seducing the audience with their presence and their aquatic and on land dance. With them, the entrance becomes a path of discovery, where spaces come to life to show creatures ready to transport guests into another dimension of the imagination.


The mythical aquatics creatures of Naiads appear in their natural environment offering a spectacle totally harmonized with the water element and their Those mythical aquatic creatures, placed on their natural environment offering a living fairytale totally harmonized with them and the water element.

modern mermaids

The aquatic world comes to life before your very ear and eyes. Inviting you to magical underwater exploration of the deepest corners of the ocean, filling them with light, beauty and mystery.

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Your ears will be caressed by an out-of-this-world fairy opera melody floating in the background with the addition of a beat. Ethereal costumes transport you to an era when nymphs and goddesses frolicked in the woods.

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Bangog Thailand Crayon Events

In corporates events, especially the multicultural ones, you will find different kind of people, from different nations, with different culture and beliefs, but that special day, all of them are on their bests and all of them have the same goal: to enjoy that party as much as possible. People is free, happy, celebrating and is our duty to make them feel more excitement and make sure that they too, will not forget that night.

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