Santorini entertainment

Ethereal Greeters

Drawing inspiration from Greek goddesses, these beautiful and charming ladies embody grace and beauty in every sense.Elevate your event with the timeless allure of "Aetherial Greeters" and leave your guests with memories as enchanting as the goddesses themselves.

Dive into a Magical Experience: The Enchanting Synchronised Swimming Mermaids

Our Synchronised Swimming Mermaids offer an ethereal performance that combines the artistry of synchronized swimming with the mythical allure of mermaids. This fusion creates a spectacle that is nothing short of magical.

Red Velvet Photoshoot

We, the Naiads, are the modern nymphs. Our job is to entice you into our world. We transform right in front of your eyes, from welcome receptionists, to luxury caterers, to dancers and finally into synchronised swimmers, accompanying you throughout your journey with our seductive smiles and costumes.

Minimal Synchro

Minimal synchro is to synchronised swimming what contemporary dance is to ballet. It is a smooth, elegant version of synchronised swimming. It’s graceful, fluid movements created by the swimmers make it ideal for an ambient synchronised swimming act.

Mermaid’s Bathtub

“It was a regular day in fairyland, when the mermaids dressed in all their finery, ruby red tails and emerald
naiads luxurious artistic swimming teams for weddings and

Naiads photoshoot for Crystal Waters @Lefkada, by Costas Spathis.

The photo shoot for the Crystal Waters hotel on the island of Lefkada was one of the happiest moments that