sexy entertainment services

red velvet

Experience the mesmerizing allure of an act that promises to captivate your senses. Adorned in radiant red costumes with a profusion of delicate red flowers, the performers exude an aura


This captivating routine brings a playful and joyful dance mood to your special occasion. Adorned in vibrant pompom-covered costumes, the dancers burst with energy, radiating the vibrant colors of a
aquatic show entertainment in retro boho mood for weddings and events worldwide


A dance routine filled with rich jewel-colored costumes and mambo beat, sweeps the audience off their feet to the tune of colors, flowers, fruits and upbeat energy to get the

ancient greek

Purity and light gently slide into the frame, in the form of ancient Greek nymphs and priestesses, treating the audience to local delicacies before they entice their unsuspecting victims into

illusion of a dream

The audience is transported into a magical, mythical dream world of living statues and ethereal beauty. Bright white clocks, feathers and sparkle stardust will fill your fantasy world of dreams

summer dance

Music and colors burst onto the scene with funky dance moves in and out of the water. This upbeat routine, exudes happiness with joy ringing out boldly from every move

modern mermaids

The aquatic world comes to life before your very ear and eyes. Inviting you to magical underwater exploration of the deepest corners of the ocean, filling them with light, beauty


Your ears will be caressed by an out-of-this-world fairy opera melody floating in the background with the addition of a beat. Ethereal costumes transport you to an era when nymphs