Minimal Synchro

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'Minimal synchro is to synchronised swimming what contemporary dance is to ballet. It is a smooth, elegant version of synchronised swimming."  It’s graceful, fluid movements created by the swimmers make it ideal for an ambient synchronised swimming act.

Konstantina Galiotou, our founder, has always had a different perception of what synchronised swimming is. Ever since her young years, while she was a professional athlete in the Greek National Synchronised swimming team, she envisioned synchronised swimming more as a ballet show and less as a sport, focusing mostly on the aesthetics and the viewers perspective.

Through our work, we came across Kostas Spathis ( a.k.a. @spathumpa), a famous intstagrammer and Greek drone photographer. His strong minimalistic aesthetic matched Konstantina’s style perfectly. Surprisingly enough, they share a common background, as they are booth architects and ‘minimal’ is definitely something that architects love.

Swimmers’ bodies creating organic floating, kaleidoscopic or symmetrical shapes are elements that have traditionally been used in synchronised swimming over the years, but make up only a small part of some routines. Our innovation in minimal synchro is creating a whole choreography based on those elements. Everything hinges on the different shapes created and how we move to form one from the other.

The difference between synchronised swimming and “our” minimal synchro is the plane we move on and that which the view is set on. In synchronised swimming the action plane is vertical, i.e. we care about how far above the surface a swimmer can dance and we mainly watch the swimmer dancing perpendicular to the water surface. In minimal synchro, the action plane is horizontal and it’s all about floating on the surface, creating strong lines and clear symmetrical or kaleidoscopic shapes.

Mermaid’s Bathtub

“It was a regular day in fairyland, when the mermaids dressed in all their finery, ruby red tails and emerald green scales and were captured diving into the milky white depths of their jungle bath.”


Photographer: Stella Giakoumatou

naiads photoshoot

Their surreal bathroom, that feels like it came out from a young girl’s dream, was full of color, fantasy, flowers and greenery. 

This jungle habitat, houses the luxury tub where fantastical creatures bathe and frolic like queens, without a care in the world.

The scene was set on multi-layered plastic wrap that covered the bathtub, giving it a utopic, endless sense of no boundaries place. The flowers and the leaves covering, created an atmosphere that was a cross between thoughts of how a mermaid world on the bottom of the ocean would look like and memories of the images we’ve seen on Poison Ivy’s Lab

Naiads photoshoot for Crystal Waters @Lefkada, by Costas Spathis.

The photo shooting for the Crystal Waters hotel on the island Lefkada Island, was one of the happiest moments that we spend working on projects for the Naiads. It lasted three days and each day was special in it’s own way.

The Crystal Waters hotel is outstanding, with all those large light blue pools and it’s amazing facilities with an elegant aesthetic covered all with simplicity and minimalism. Exactly like Costas Spathis perspective and weal of expression.

It was our third collaboration, by that time, with Costas, but we believe it was the most significant one. The curved form of the pools, the total white seamless bottom, the perfectly shaped and placed sunbeds and Lefkada’s amazing sun, where the base of a wonderful canvas where we were able to express our art.

The hotel owners were very kind and polite, and the give us their permition to experiment in their pools, giving us the ability to try new things and…

So, we filled a pool with numbers of inflatable toys and we stepped on some of them, we filled a pool with dozens of fruits and leaves and the most important was that we filled a pool with a white liquid an make it feel like the pool had white water.

Looking at that white pool, it felt like a painter is looking his white canvas. It might be empty for the moment, but it is very promising.

We, along with Costas, tried to re-find the body forms and silhouettes and work as it is our module. When you multiply a module/ body, you get thounds of possibilities of forms and shapes that could be created. As the bodies moved, the shilouettes reformed and the overall shape of the complex forms were constantly changed.Because of the synthesis of the liquid, you was able to see and capture, only the parts of the body who was floating. The water had no transparency, so the rest of the body you thought it had been disappeared in the white abys.  The sunburned bodies made a great contrast on the white liquid drawing and creating the shapes and forms that we wanted to make.

The outcome of that project, was truly impressive. Our photograph, took worldwide recognition and become viral and had been posted from account leaders of the contemporary art field.

aqua aerobics

We provide fully certificated Aqua Aerobics instructors, former swimmer athletes for your daily pool’s activities.

yoga pilates

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We provide fully certificated Yoga and Pilates instructors, with a vast teaching experience for your daily activities.


aquatic show entertainment in retro boho mood for weddings and events worldwide

A dance routine filled with rich jewel-colored costumes and mambo beat, sweeps the audience off their feet to the tune of colors, flowers, fruits and upbeat energy to get the party started.

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ancient greek

Purity and light gently slide into the frame, in the form of ancient Greek nymphs and priestesses, treating the audience to local delicacies before they entice their unsuspecting victims into a journey to forgotten times of hymns, mysteries and fists.t.